Events in and around Perugia

To talk about all the events that Perugia and Umbria in general host throughout the year would require much more space. What we can assure you, however, is that as you stroll through the medieval alleyways that criss-cross the villages, you will find yourself immersed in an array of colours, lights, scents and spectacles for every taste and interest.

Umbria Jazz

There is a time of year when Perugia becomes a splendid open-air stage, welcoming musicians from all over the world and making the notes of jazz resound in every street and square of its charming historic centre.
We are talking about Umbria Jazz, one of the world’s most famous international jazz festivals.
When does it take place? In July.
Why participate? For the music, of course, but also for the magical atmosphere during those ten days.


There is an absolutely unmissable event for those with a sweet tooth, Eurochocolate, the festival entirely dedicated to chocolate.
There are two versions, one in spring in Perugia and one in autumn at the Bastia Umbra Umbriafiere trade fair complex, where you can be tempted by the countless delicacies, take part in tastings, demonstrations, workshops and cooking shows, as well as many events for young and old.
Isn’t your mouth already watering?

International Journalism Festival

Europe’s largest event dedicated to media and information: hundreds of speakers from all over the globe discuss various topics through interviews, presentations, panel discussions and evening events.
Definitely a unique opportunity to learn more about current trends and challenges, meeting internationally renowned journalists and industry professionals up close, as well as to visit Perugia.

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Festival dei due mondi Spoleto

The Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds is certainly one of the most important cultural events in Italy and beyond.
Every year, musicians, dancers, actors and many other artists come together to create performances and shows that become an unforgettable experience for anyone who chooses to participate.
The programme is wide and varied: music, dance, theatre and art.
All in the splendid setting of Spoleto, an authentic jewel of Umbria.

Giostra della quintana Foligno

Umbria loves to remember its origins and its past, which is why there are so many events throughout the region celebrating ancient stories and traditions. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the famous Giostra della Quintana in Foligno: an ancient chivalric tournament between the city’s districts.
Around the challenge, however, revolve many other re-enactments, such as costumed processions or district taverns where one can taste typical local dishes of 17th-century gastronomy.
Don’t you feel like stepping back in time?

Le infiorate di Spello

Imagine walking through the streets of a small medieval village, letting yourself be captivated by its ancient architecture. To this image, add the intense fragrance of the flowers and their unmistakable variety of shapes and colours. This will give you an idea of what it might be like to attend the incredible Infiorate di Spello, an event held every year in June to coincide with Corpus Christi.
It is a thousand-year-old tradition, during which locals decorate the streets with a mosaic of flowers and grasses, creating striking, albeit ephemeral, works of art.

I primi d’Italia - Italy's first course festival

Who doesn’t like pasta? Loved by everyone and famous all over the world, it is the star of Primi d’Italia, the one and only National First Course Festival.
A marathon entirely dedicated to one of the best-known dishes of Italian cuisine: the historic centre of Foligno offers four days of tastings, cooking lessons, and demonstrations by great chefs to pay homage to pasta, rice, soups, gnocchi, polenta, but also to all those food products that are indispensable for creating an irresistible first course.
The programme is rounded off with many moments of spectacle and entertainment.

Cantine aperte (Open Cellars)

Cantine Aperte is one of the most eagerly awaited wine tourism events of the year.
A weekend that takes place at the end of May all over Italy, including Umbria, a land where the wine-growing tradition has a very long history.
An unmissable two days of taste, in contact with nature, to get to know better the places, people and stories that revolve around wine and the other gastronomic products on our tables.

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